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Topia is considered as the Global Talent Mobility Platform. It deploys and manages Talents eveywhere. It is a talent mobility platform that enables employees to work remotely. Its headquarters is in San Francisco, California in the United States. Its mission is to break down barriers between people and places so companies and individuals can work everywhere.

In today’s increasingly interconnected global economy, Topia provides the Globlal Talent Mobility platform that empowers HR teams to effectively deploy, manage and engage employees across the world.Topia enables businesses to deliver mobility as part  of a broader  talent strategy and encompassing all types of employee movement- remote and distributed workforces,business travel, and more traditional relocations.- with a focus on enhanced employee experience.

Brynne Kennedy founded Topia platform in 2010 coming from South East Asia to London. Soon after started a string of challenging relocation experiences she knew there had to be a better way for companies to move employees around the World.In 2012, she partnered with co-founder Steve Black to transform the way companies deploy and manage their mobile workforce.

With over $ 100M in venture funding, Topia delivers platform powering some of the World’s  largest brands. Topia is the coming together of four companies- MOVE Guides, Teleport, Polaris, and Maneo – each of which were tackling a specific aspect of the complexities involved in helping organizations and their people with Global Talent Mobility in the new World of work.With their combined expertise and solutions, the unified Topia patform was born.

  Topia Cloud-based Open Platform with Integrated Data Standards.

   The Topia One patform  is the only cloud-based solution built to connect and standardise all the data required to effectively deploy, manage, and engage mobile talent across the World.Topia One connects your disparate data sources and systems to unlock insightdriven decision making, program automation, and unparalleled global compliance.

    Delivering a World-Class Global Talent Mobility Ecosystem

Drive value for your employees and HR teams by connecting the systems and vendors you need to unlock new insights  increased efficiencies, and delightful experiences for employees.

Creating  a leading global talent mobility requires data to flow instantly between global mobility, core HR / payroll/reward systems, and vendors around the World.The Topia One platform brings together your existing HR tech stack and service provider systems to ensure information flows seamlessly between parties and provide HR teams with the data and insight they need to drive innovation and efficiency.

With Topia as your central command center, you can easily manage your mobility program, vendors, and employees in a single place.

      Experienced OutsourcedPayroll And Finance Professionals To Support Your Business.

The Topia financial services team leverages your instance of Topia’s technology and decades of combined experience to provide best-in-class outsourced service and support in Global Payroll Management, Global Expense Management, and Accrual and Finance Management. Financial services is an optional add-on for companies using Topia Pay..Its Key benefits are:

– Efficient

Increase efficiency through automation.

– Time-back

Return time and capacity back to your team.

– Error-free

Dramatically reduce or eliminate payroll errors.

– Accurate

Greater payroll and compesation accuracy.

– Cost-savings

Lower cost than traditional outsourced payroll instructions.

– Reporting

Instant access to reporting.

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