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Melio Vendor /bill Payment Software

Melio is a free-vendor/bill Payment Software through which you can pay vendors and get paid as well.. It is a bill payment tool that maximizes busy work. With Melio, you can pay any vendor using bank transfers or debit card for free. You can also use your credit card where cards are not accepted to hold onto your your cash  longer and earn card rewards.Currently Melio is only available in the USA. It allows users to pay any invoice with a bank transfer for free. You can use your credit card to defer payments with only 2.9% fees. The software is incredibly easy to use. Just drop one of your invoices into the software and generate a check within seconds. It can save your time writing checks by hand.

Overview of Melio Features

– ACH payment processing.

– Billing & invoices.

– Approval process control.

– Check processing.

-Duplicate payment alert.

– Fraud detection.

Overview of Melio Benefits.

– Easy bill and vendor detail management

With Melio software, you can add vendor and bill details by uploading files or taking a photo of your invoices. You can enter details or connect the platform to QuickBooks online to auto-sync your accounts payable information.

Flexible payment options

You have plenty of payment options on Melio including bank transfers, debit cards and credit cards. Payments made via bank transfers are for free while credit card payments have only 2.9%transactions fee. You can choose to pay using your credit card for vendors or stores that do not accept card payments. Vendors don’t need to have a Melio card to receive payment.Melio pr

Avoid late payments

With payment scheduling features, you can avoid late payments and their corresponding penalties. This is especially important when it comes to paying utilities, insurance, taxes or rent /release. You will also be able to improve the management of your cash flow so as to not pay too early and to gua that all suppliers or vendors are happy when they receive payments on time.

-Receive digital payments at no cost to you

Melio enables your customers to pay by bank transfer or card at no cost to you. Simply sign up to get your own pay-link, which your customers will use to send payments without looking at your bank details. No Melio account is needed to send payments. Payments are deposited directly into your bank account without charges or fees.

No monthly subscription fees

Melio offers its accounts payable platform for free. There are no monthly or delivery fees when you send checks to vendors.

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