SurveySparrow: Best Experience Management Platform

, SurveySparrow: Best Experience Management  Platform

What is SurveySparrow?

, SurveySparrow: Best Experience Management  Platform

Well, SurveySparrow is an online survey platform that allows customers turn surveys into conversations..It is a tool that helped different users to create a completely different kind of  experience for users when answering surveys.With its conversational interface, SurveySparrow allows its users in the creation and share of highly engaging, mobile surveys with a chat-like experience.It has easy sharing options that enable the share of surveys across, web, mobile, social and email so that to collect feedback in  an easy way.

, SurveySparrow: Best Experience Management  Platform

SurveySparrow Products:

1- Entreprise Software Survey:

SurveySparrow is by essence an entreprise software company that makes an in-depth data analysis and research giving rise to the best survey software possible. The survey software has got a custom domain that hosts surveys from users’ company domains and white label them easily. It allows users to promote their brands across.The software (SurveySparrow) has a customs email for the share of emails from the company’s domain address. Users can customize the subject, body and every section of the email.

This entreprise survey software has also a custom CSS which has a CSS- style which moves the surveys into perfection. Hence you can make designs with themes and slip CSS codes to be customized the way users expect.

SurveySparrow has also a plenty of products that makes it the best software for surveys.We can mention here the scheduled reports, the cross tabulation, the SPSS data report , data security, sub accounts, multiple users, centralized billing, a dedicated customer success manager, transactional surveys and a single sign-on (SSO).

2-NPS Software:

SurveySparrow is the best if not one of the best NPS survey platform out there. It can scale the software utilizers into the next level. It seems like it decodes customers feelings, unveil loyalty insights and drain Growth. How is that possible?

Well,the software gathers reviews from the promoters, acquire new customers and so progress.It collects customer feedback that covers all the crucial touchpoints. It improves business through learning from customers allowing them to take action and  measure progress. It can also track NPS Study feedback and unveil loyalty-driving factors.

SurveySparrow NPS Survey platform is really at the top because of its amazing features such as its Add Dynamic List and Segment,, Automate  and Get things done, Analyze real-time dynamic Dashboard, Share follow-up questions and emails, Distribute easily via SMS, Email, in app and the Conduct Sentiment Analysis and View Wordcloud.

3-Offline Survey Tool:

What makes SurveySparrow perhaps unique is that you can use it offline. You need only to set your offline survey tool in just  four (4) easy steps:

  • Create your SparrowSurvey Account by simply writing your name and email address.
  • Choose one of the SurveySparrow custom templates or create your own, then select the’offline’ mode.. Now, you can use the tool offline.
  • Install the offline App on Playstore or App Store and sign in.
  • To, move to ‘Kiosk’ mode , you need to select your  survey, enable Kiok mode . Finally jump up the data collection.

4- 360 Feedback Software

With this product, users can increase productivity and drive growth with 360 Reports and gain rich insights.You can customize  the reports and emails using the 360 feedback software. You can increase growth by helping employees to be self-awareness. You can conduct appraisals backed with performance reviews , and even track assessment in employee portal, create a custom 360 feedback survey, and invite employee for evaluation with ease.

5- Chatbot For Websites:

SurveySparrow has a fully automated system that creates life-like conversations on different kinds of apps and websites.It has a Feedback with no-code chatbot for websites. So , users can get a no-code creation, Pipe and Personalisation, Conditional logic branching, Design with Themes and CSS.and Analysis of data in real time.

6- Online Panel:

Users of SurveySparrow can profit from a quality panel with a custom- profiled audience.It can be used across 149+ countries in the World. It is both swift and efficient. Through this panel , users can get refined date with priceless insights that help them make better decisions, and also a helpful support center.


SurveySparrow software is swift,easy, secure and scalable for users’ organization. It has a qualitative feedback at every touchpoint in which you can enjoy uncomplicate feedback collection, collect data at all touchpoints, configure once and forget , in addition to the setting of meaning for quantitative data.

To join SurveySparrow , click on the link below

Survey Sparrow Features:

SurveySparrow has many amazing . We can mention them in short:

*  Executive Dashboard.

* Share Surveys .

* Customer Journey Map

* Recurring Surveys

* Craft Beautiful Surveys

* Gain Rich Insights

* Embedded Surveys.

* White Label Surveys

* Mobile First Surveys

* Conversational Forms.

* Audience Management

* Case Management

SurveySparrow Solutions:

Main SurveySparrow Functions:

SurveySparrow has many functions that make the tool quite easy and efficient. So the tool has a customer experience, an employee experience, a product experience a marketing experience and a sales experience.

SurveySparrow Industries

SurveySparrow software can be used in many fields and industries such as healthcare, agencies, education, hospitality and travel, market research and Saas startup programs.

SurveySparrow Main Resources:

SurveySparrow has got a plenty of resources for the users of its tool. They are as follow:

* Wall of love

  • Blog
  • Vlog
  • Success stories SparrowCastNPS Benchmarks
  • Learning Centre.
  • Templates
  • Webinars
  • Community
  • Developers
  • Partners
  • Apps and Integrations
  • No-code

SurveySparrow Pricing:

What is good with SurveySparrow pricing is that it is flexible and flexible. Subscribers can choose the plan according to the business needs. There are pricing plans for a personal use, pricing plans for business, pricing plans for Customer Experience (CX) and 360 Assessment pricing plans.There are yearly pricing plans and quarterly pricing plans. You can check the pricing plans on the link below.

To Sum UP:

SurveySparrow software is a very useful tool in the collection of feedback through a chat-like experience. It is used to gain insights and make better decisions. You can try it for free now.

Affiliate Disclaimer:

Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.























, SurveySparrow: Best Experience Management  Platform

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