Learnworlds Vs Thinkfic Review

Learnworlds Vs Thinkfic Review, Learnworlds Vs Thinkfic Review

Learnworlds Vs Thinkfic Review, Learnworlds Vs Thinkfic Review

Introduction to Learnworlds and Thinkfic

Learnworlds and Thinkfic are platforms that make it easy to create, sell and even market online courses. In this article, we try to make an objective review about these two well-known platforms so that online course creators may get a clear view about the best choice that allows them to make a good decision about which software to choose.

Learnworlds Vs Thinkfic Review, Learnworlds Vs Thinkfic Review

Let’s start with Learnworlds which really excels at helping online course creators to create engaging video content without having complicated post-production or editing skills. It offers some of the best features as far as test and assignments, but has a strong focus on online courses.

Thinkific on the other hand claims to be the number 1 platform for online courses. It has an easy to use drag and drop course  builder in addition to the ability to build out an entire website.

What are the main features of Learnworlds?

Learnworlds is a premium all-in one platform to create, market and sell online courses. Since 2014,this platform has been helping knowledgeable executives, trainers, bloggers, authors, coaches, artists and content creators to market and sell amazing learning experiences online. This platform invests in skilled people, UX & design, technology and e-learning research.

In the previous years, Learnworlds gained more and more popularity among online course creators who need a stable, beautiful and innovative platform. It has the right tools to create courses easily and sell them fast. The software is simple to use. It is design & UX oriented with a powerful pages builder with magic templates. It has also an on-the-fly ebook creator and many other awesome features such as a built-in school communities, a brand new interactive video, quizzes & certificates, gamification, custom IOS & Android Apps, marketing tools & integrationd, a variety of payment gateways and a true whitelabel. As for the team users, they have a rapid product dev cycled, an agile processes & development, a 5 star customer care an e-learning research tab, and the Learningworlds Academy.

To join Learnworlds, click on the link below


What Are the main features of Thinkfic?

Thinkfic is a software platform that enables entrepreneurs to create, sell and deliver their own online courses. It is a powerful all-in-one platform that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to share their knowledge, grow their audience and scale their business. Thinkfic is proud to have 51000 course creators and more than 64 million courses taken. This online course platform is used in 290 countries in the world with more than 340 million dollars in income. With Thinkfic, you can easily create and customize courses to match your brand, build and design a website to effectively sell your courses. You can sell and market your courses with a full suite of business building tools and more than 30 course creation & sales tools. You can also benefit from an experienced support team.

Learnworlds Vs Thinkfic Review, Learnworlds Vs Thinkfic Review

What makes Thinkfic different is its unique ease in the set-up and make-up without any coding experience. You can get-out-of-the box templated and integrations full ownership over your site so you can customize it according to your brand. The software creates an incredible experience for your students at every step, from arriving at your website to completing your course and achieving their goals. You also do have a professional support team backing you through your entire journey, plus an access to an extensive knowledge base and partner networks.

To join Thinkfic, click on the link below


Learnworlds Vs Thinkfic Pricing Plans

Learnworlds Pricing Plans

Learnworlds has three pricing plans :

The Starter Plan  with 29 Dollars a month.

-The Pro Trainer Plan with 79 Dollars a month.

The Learning Center Plan with 249 Dollars a month.

Of course Learnworlds provides a free trial with monthly discounts. The basic features in all the plans include unlimited courses, a wide library, a mobile and tablet ready, a branding & theme editor, ready made templates, font customizations, lead generation, coupons, bundles, upsells, built-in social network, learner profiles, automated newspaper, interactive ebook, quizzes, assignments, exams, learner analytics and a conversation tracking.

Thinkific Pricing Plans

Thinkfic has got several pricing plans:

A Free Plan to get started so to test the software for which no credit card is required. It allows its users to get some core features. With the free plan, you can create three courses with unlimited students and a content hosting.

The Basic Pricing Plan with 49 Dollars a month. It allows its users to have unlimited courses, email students, drip content, coupons & promotions, custom domain, zapper triggers, a manual students enrollment & exports, affiliate reporting, and exporting data.

_ The Pro Version Pricing Plan:( 99 Dollars a month) 

_It has five course admins /Authors.

– Two site Admin accounts.

– Membership & bandles.

– Assignments

– Communities

– Completion certificates

– Live lessons with Zoom.

-Share revenue with partners.

– Advanced CCS/HTML Ediiting

– Offer payment plans.

-Sell Add-ons like consulting.

-Additional Course Prices.

-Randomized quizz questions Bank.

-Require video completion ( no skipping).

The Premium Pricing Plan (499 Dollars a month)

It has the following features :

-50 course Admins/Authors.

– 5 site Admin Accounts.

-Email white labelling.

-Single Sign on (SSO).

– On-board package.

– 15  Group Analytics.

– Unlimited Growth Package.

– Manual student enrollment & exports.

– Affilate reporting.

– Export your data.

What I did like with Thinkfic software is that it is easy to design and launch courses. It is featured with all in one course and payment system without additional integrations. To have a key unlimited features in a free plan allows users to build audience without paying anything. It has an appealing page design and an active and helpful custom support and Facebook group. 


To sum up, Learnworlds and Thinkfic are online Course platforms that are worth buying and using, but each platform is more appropriate in some aspects of online course creation, selling and marketing than the other. That is said, both platforms proved their quality and efficiency in online course creation and marketing. So, each customer has to choose his favorite platform according to his needs.

Affilate Disclosure

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Learnworlds Vs Thinkfic Review, Learnworlds Vs Thinkfic Review

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