Pros and cons of e-learning, E-learning : Pros and Cons

         Pros and Cons   of         E-learning 

Pros and cons of e-learning, E-learning : Pros and Cons

What are the pros and cons of online courses and e-learning in general? Well, this question is very relevant in this context of Corona epidemic. For quite a long time schools and universities have been closed because of the appearance of the Corona Virus. So in order to stop the propagation of this deadly epidemic, traditional courses have been moved online making of e-learning the only means of learning for quite a long time. This is said, e-learning has got benefits as well as drawbacks.
Pros and cons of e-learning, E-learning : Pros and Cons

Pros and cons of e-learning, E-learning : Pros and Cons

Pros of E-learning 

More flexibility:

Online courses allow more flexibility in the management of learning. Learners learn at any convenient time, at home or outside. They are not stuck with the scheduled timing of traditional schools. Learners may learn at home, while traveling on bus, train or plane. This is not the case with traditional learning.

Adapted to all rhythms of learning

By following online courses, learners can learn according to their own rhythm of learning. Low level learners may take more time to assimilate what is taught while better learners may move quickly to deeper aspects of the courses.

The most important advantage of e-learning is that it is a practical way of learning. Learners don’t need to attend lessons at school or a university. All what he needs is an internet connexion and a computer or any mobile device to learn online.
In addition to academic institutions, there are also online platforms that provide online courses and support in many fields of study. Here, we can mention or for example. Here is the link to Thinkfic which is an awesome platform for the creation, selling and marketing online courses.

Cons of E-learning

Lack of interaction 

One of the main drawbacks  of e-learning is the lack of interaction between the learner and the teacher. The learner feels a bit isolated when learning. The lovely mood of learning with classmates is missing, however, with the constant development of the multimedia such as video conferences may be the solution for this aspect.

Health problems :

E-learning seems to be the new and up-to-date way of learning, nonetheless, it can have some health hazards mainly to our sight acuity. After a long period of use of multimedia devices, our eyes will suffer from a visual fatigue and may even lead to some sight disorders.

Difficult to control :

As far as children are concerned, it is difficult to control children learning online, as they may dislead their parents and move from learning to playing online games or chatting on Facebook making their parents confident about their use of the internet.
Besides, young learners are usually less motivated to complete their online formation compared with other categories of learners.


For the time being, we can’t say that online learning overpassed traditional learning since in a traditional classroom, the child for example, learn in a natural way, interacts with his teachers and classmates. The human aspect of teaching is more prevalent than on online learning but still online learning proved its efficiency  during the Corona Virus pandemic and has a long way to implement all kinds of learning, either academic learning, personal learning or even professional learning 


Pros and cons of e-learning, E-learning : Pros and Cons

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